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Will people know that I use a special service?
Will people know that I use a special service?

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Ensuring Control Over Communication Privacy

When someone calls you, or when you call someone using Nagish, you can choose if you want the other side to hear an intro message at the beginning of the call.

If an intro message is set, the hearing side will hear a short message shortly after we connect your call.

The default message is: I'm using text to communicate. Please be patient.

Here's how you can activate, deactivate, or modify the default message:

  1. Tap into the settings tab in the Nagish app.

  2. Tap on 'Call Preferences'

  3. Tap 'Quick Responses'

  4. Edit your intro message to your liking

  5. If you want Nagish to automatically send this message as the call starts, toggle on "Send as call starts."

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