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How to use Nagish with automated phone systems (IVR)
How to use Nagish with automated phone systems (IVR)

Get the most out of Nagish when calling automated lines such as customer support

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Using Nagish to Navigate Phone Trees

When calling automated lines such as those operated by airlines, banks, credit card companies, and telecom providers, we are often asked to "enter" or "press a number."

Examples of this include:

  • "Please enter your phone number followed by the # key."

  • "To speak with a representative, press 0."

  • "Please record your first name and press any key when finished."

Nagish supports all of the above use cases (and many more.)

Here's how you can take advantage of this feature during your next call:

  • As a rule of thumb, whenever you are asked to "enter" or "press" a number during a phone call, use the "Keypad" option rather than the keyboard. You can find it on the right side of your call controllers.

  • Using the keyboard is great when communicating with people πŸ“ž

  • However, automated systems and robots are not so great with words πŸ€–

  • Using the Keypad on automated calls helps automated systems understand your input! πŸŽ‰

A gif showing how to use Nagish's DTMF feature

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