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How to use Quick Responses and set up an intro message
How to use Quick Responses and set up an intro message

Use Nagish's quick responses feature to quickly communicate without speaking or typing.

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Streamlining Communication with Nagish's Quick Responses

Typing is great, but it's not always the fastest way to communicate. That's why we created Quick Responses. This feature lets you send full sentences with a single tap!

Using and Modifying Quick Responses:

Using quick responses is easy. All you have to do is tap your preferred response during a call.

Here are some examples of what you can do with quick responses:

  1. Tell callers you are using a special service to communicate and ask them to be more patient.

  2. Answer calls without speaking or typing.

  3. Quickly ask callers to repeat what they said or ask them to hold on while you are typing or reading their response.

A gif of an iPhone mockup showing how to access  and use the Quick Responses feature on Nagish.

How to modify your quick responses:

  1. Launch Nagish, and tap 'Settings'.

  2. Tap on 'Call Preferences'.

  3. Tap on 'Quick Responses'.

  4. From here, you can customize your quick responses:

  5. For each custom response, you can:

    1. Edit and customize the response.

    2. Show it during calls by default.

    3. Send immediately as the call starts.

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