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How to make Nagish your default phone app
How to make Nagish your default phone app
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How To Make Nagish Your Default Phone App

Call Directly with Nagish

Nagish can completely replace your native phone app, but there are a few steps:

  1. Enable Incoming Calls:

    1. Enabling Incoming Calls on Nagish lets you caption all your incoming calls.

  2. Ensure caller ID is turned on:

    1. Caller ID lets you place calls from your existing phone number.

  3. Give Nagish the necessary app permissions:

    1. Nagish needs certain permissions to operate like your native phone app.

    2. Specifically, Nagish will need the following permissions, at a minimum:

      1. Notification Permissions - So you can receive notifications for incoming calls.

      2. Microphone and Speaker Permission - So you can hear, speak, type, and read your calls.

      3. Contacts Permission - So you can call your contacts from within the Nagish app (Contacts are never sent to our servers and stay private on your device)

  4. Pin the Nagish app to your app dock.

    1. To complete your setup, ensure that Nagish is always accessible and easy to find by placing it on your phone's home screen dock 🥳:

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