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How to access Nagish's Saved Call Transcripts
How to access Nagish's Saved Call Transcripts

Nagish saves your call transcripts locally on your device so you can always access them later.

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How to access your saved transcripts:

Nagish's Saved Transcripts feature lets you save the content of your calls privately on your device, making it simple to review and refer back to past conversations. This is especially useful if you've missed some details during a call or need a record of your conversations for work or personal reasons.

Transcripts are saved by default for all of your calls and are always 100% private to you. You can disable the auto-save of transcripts anytime.

From your call history:

  1. From your Recents tab, tap the ( i ) icon next to the call transcript you'd like to access.

  2. Under the phone number, you will see all your recent calls with the contact. Next to each successful call, you will see a transcript icon. Simply tap it to access the transcript.

  3. Once you see the transcript, you can share it via various methods, or delete it from your device.

From the settings tab:

  1. Simply click through from Settings -> Transcripts and you'll be able to see all of your saved transcripts.

  2. You can tap any transcript to see it, share it, or delete it.

A gif showing the saved transcripts feature in use

How to update your saved transcripts preferences:

To disable auto-save of transcripts or clear all your transcripts:

  1. Tap into the Settings tab

  2. Tap 'Transcripts'

  3. Tap 'Transcripts Preferences'

  4. From there, you can toggle on/off the Auto-save transcripts option and delete all of your transcripts.

  5. Note: Since transcripts are saved locally on your device, we cannot restore any deleted transcripts.

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