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How to use Nagish Live Transcribe
How to use Nagish Live Transcribe

Nagish Live Transcribe captions conversations in-person

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How to use Nagish LIve (Live Transcribe)

Nagish offers two captioning modes: Phone calls and in-person.

This article explains how to use Nagish Live for in-person captioning.

Live Transcribe

Nagish Live is always ready for action, making it easy to start captioning within seconds. It lets you caption anything around you, such as table conversations, airport announcements, classroom lectures, the conversation in the room you’re in, and the waiter repeating your order.

Nagish Live is 100% free for Nagish users and has no time limits. It’s currently only available for iOS.

To use Live, simply launch the Nagish app and tap the Live Transcribe floating button:

A gif showing what launching Nagish Live looks like on an iPhone

Once launched, Live Transcribe will start captioning automatically. It will also show you the current sound level to indicate how loud it is around you.

You can pause the transcript at any given moment and share it. Transcripts save automatically to your device and are kept 100% private.

Key features of Nagish Live:

  1. Change your captions' font size and weight and switch between dark (high contrast) and light modes captions via the ‘Style’ menu.

  2. Clear the screen with a single tap or shake

  3. Flip the view to show captions to someone else

  4. Type to communicate and show large text on your screen.

  5. Connect to external microphones.

Customize your Live experience:

Like everything about Nagish, Live is fully customizable for your needs. To customize your Live experience, simply tap into ‘Settings’ -> Live Transcribe. You can change how you launch Live Transcribe and change the size, shape, appearance, and location of the Live Transcribe button.

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