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How to add words to your personal dictionary
How to add words to your personal dictionary
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Improve Accuracy by Personalizing Your Dictionary

Did you know you can help improve the accuracy of your Nagish calls? You can do so by taking advantage of our personal dictionary feature!

What is Personal Dictionary?

  • Personal Dictionary is a Nagish feature that allows users to index words they use often.

  • Examples of this include names of people and places or professional jargon that may include words that are not very common in spoken English.

  • Indexing specific words will teach Nagish about them and allow our algorithms to improve their accuracy based on YOUR needs.

Here's how you can take advantage of our personal dictionary feature:

  1. Launch the Nagish app

  2. Tap "Settings" on the bottom right corner of your screen

  3. Tap "Call preferences."

  4. Tap "Language and Tone"

  5. On the bottom, you'll see "Personal Dictionary"

  6. You tap the text field and add as many words as you'd like! 🤯

  7. In the example below, I added some of the names of our team members that are less common in English. This promises that Nagish will get them right! 🥳

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