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How to use your Nagish Voicemail
How to use your Nagish Voicemail

Nagish has a built-in voicemail with highly accurate transcripts

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Using Nagish's Built-In Voicemail

When someone calls you on Nagish, they can leave you a message as long as you don't answer their call.

Nagish always provides voicemail transcripts for your convenience. You can play or read your voicemails anytime.

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How to access your Nagish voicemail:

Simply Tap into the “Voicemail” tab in the Nagish app.

How to listen to voicemail:

Tap the Voicemail message you would like to listen to, and then tap the blue "play" icon. You can listen to the message using your headset speaker, loudspeaker, or through a listening device such as hearing aids or cochlear implants.

How to view voicemail transcripts:

To read transcripts of your Nagish voicemail, tap the message you want to transcribe, and Nagish will generate a transcription for you within seconds.

How to modify your voicemail greeting:

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