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How to update your communication preferences?
How to update your communication preferences?
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Setting Communication Preferences

Which communication modes does Nagish support?

Nagish supports two main communication modes: Typing and Speaking. You can set one of these options as your default mode and always change to using the other one, even during a call.

How to set your default communication mode:

To set your default communication mode, tap into 'Settings' -> 'Call Preferences'. Then, under Communication Preferences, choose your preferred method: Use my voice to speak OR Use my device's keyboard to speak.

How to change communication modes during a call:

Once you choose a default communication method, all calls will start in the selected mode. However, if you'd like to change modes, you can do so by pressing the keyboard button. Doing so will show or hide the keyboard.

Note: If you are not using the keyboard to communicate, make sure that your calls are unmuted. Which you can do by pressing the mute button.

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